Stainless Steel Lunchbox (1200ml)


The Box

OrganicMe's Stainless Steel lunchbox is made from quality stainless steel with a natural anti-bacterial bamboo lid and black strap. This is a great Eco-solution for preparing and transporting any type of lunch. 

  • The box protects the food and the strap holds your lunch securely in place. 
  • The lid is secured on air tight, so keeps the freshness of your food. It also prevents any leakage from inside
  • You can use the naturally anti-bacterial bamboo lid as a chopping board or as a serving board
  • No dividers so there is extra space for whichever lunch items you choose to put in.
  • We recommend wrapping your sandwiches with beeswax wrap from our store. This is a plastic free solution and is a great way of keeping items fresh. 


Length:, width: 14cm, cover height: 6.5cm, net weight: 346g, capacity: 1200ml, thickness: 0.5mm

It is considered medium / large but still very portable. We have had customers ask for this size as many on the market are considerably smaller. 

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