Coconut Bowl and Spoon, Set of 4


Billions of coconuts are harvested each year for food, coconut oil and other uses. It is typical for the coconut shells to be discarded as waste as there was no use for them. However, we recycle these shells into eco-friendly bowls that are 100% sustainable. Each bowl is made from nature which makes them each unique with their own imperfections. 

We use coconuts that are at least 12 months old, this ensures that the coconuts shells have properly hardened and increases their durability. Dimensions of the bowls vary from 12-14cm and depth is around 5.5-6.5cm.  

All of our shells are sourced from Bali and Vietnam and we work with two local family businesses who hand-craft, shape and polish the bowls with coconut oil. These are then ready to be eaten from. 

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