We love oceans, animals, nature and people. We actually love a lot more than that but we think that this summarises our feelings succinctly enough to get our point across.  

OrganicMe was founded in 2019 as a single online resource for people who were looking to reduce their impact on the world. We bring together a whole range of everyday products to promote sustainable and eco-friendly choices.

We are constantly searching for new items that will not only help us to protect the environment, but will also add an extra something to your home or office. We want to give you the choice to use environmentally friendly products that suit your lifestyle.

We haven’t got things perfect yet! We have a long pipeline of products that we will be introducing over the coming months but it is early days for us so we are always keeping our green eyes peeled for new and exciting additions to our store. We would love to hear from you if you have a recommendation for a product you think would make a good addition to our store.