Bamboo Cutlery is such an easy plastic-free swap to make!

For the environment

Plastic waste has been increasing steadily throughout the years and now we are faced with a big problem, unbiodegradable waste that is bad for the environment and bad for the planet.  Plastic does not decompose, it pollutes land, ground water and oceans where it has a huge impact on marine life. 

To rid the world of single-use plastic once and for all should be the world’s goal. Using all-natural cutlery is one of the solutions we can promote to reduce this problem.

Bamboo cutlery is one environment friendly alternative to this dilemma.  It is made from biodegradable materials and it is a completely natural and sustainable material. 

Bamboo grows really fast and you can harvest bamboo without the risk of deforestation as the bamboo tree does not die after you cut it down.

If thrown away, bamboo cutlery does not cause any harm to the environment or pollute anything.  It simply degrades naturally and becomes part of the earth once again.


Ways to use bamboo cutlery

Bamboo cutlery is great for travel and it is very handy when you visit fast-food places that only hands out disposable plastic. 

Or take it to the office, and instead of using their cutlery, encourage others to take their own bamboo cutlery.

Bamboo cutlery is perfect when you go camping.  Lighter than metal utensils and combined together in a little pouch, you have all the utensils you’ll need. 


Did I mention bamboo is eco-friendly?

Besides being a good addition to your children’s school lunches, it is also a good way to educate your kids to be environmentally conscious.


Features of bamboo cutlery?

Bamboo cutlery is portable and we all know is lightweight enough to place in your backpack and carry with you wherever you go.

Bamboo is very strong and durable.  It can be washed and reused many times, so do not dispose of them after one use! Our OrganicMe Bamboo Cutlery set is supposed to be reused, and with daily use should last at least 6 months.

Bamboo cutlery is temperature resistant. If you have a hot drink, stirring with bamboo is safe. It will not burn or conduct any temperature. It is also the same in cold environments. Much safer than metal.

Bamboo is sheek. It looks very natural and modern.  It is good for any food presentation.

It does not affect food taste. Using metal utensils can have that metal taste in the mouth when eating. You won’t get this with out bamboo cutlery.


Cons of Bamboo cutlery

Bamboo knives are good with slicing soft food or for spreading peanut butter or strawberry jams but is not recommended for meat cutting.

Bamboo cutlery will never rust but will can get stained from some foods. This doesn’t mean they cannot be reused!

Bamboo cutlery does initially cost more than plastic, but you can reuse bamboo over and over again, so the cost is significantly cheaper really!